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  • 50,000 trees can be saved in the conveyancing industry each year

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We are proud of the technical expertise of our lawyer and conveyancer franchisees*.

Jim's are the property conveyancing Specialists

All of our franchisees are independent, hard working and diligent business owners who will take care of you whether you are looking at Melbourne property, have a property for sale in in Wodonga or require a settlement of other real estate Melbourne and Victoria wide. Our franchisees are highly qualified and experienced licensed conveyancers or solicitors* with the best legal support in the country. Unlike many law firms, and large multi- office conveyancing firms, each of our franchisees is hands on in operating the firm. This is how we are able to ensure our stringent quality controls.

Jim’s Conveyancing takes the environment seriously!

Icons that show digital storage, green printing, green buildings and green cars

50,000 trees are used each year by conveyancers, but we are committed to a totally green office.

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* The professional qualifications of franchisees providing Jim’s Conveyancing services depends on the State in which the relevant service is provided and the legislation governing the delivery of that service in that State. Conveyancing services may be provided by- Vic: Lawyers or Licensed Conveyancers; NSW Lawyers or Licensed Conveyancer; Qld: Lawyers only; WA: Lawyers or Licensed Settlement Agents; SA: Licensed Conveyancers only; ACT: Lawyers only; Tas: Lawyers or Licensed Conveyancers; NT: Lawyers or Licensed Conveyancers.